July 13, 2011

July Interview with lollymollygoo

How long have you been on stardoll for? 
Since October 09 so almost 3 years now

What are some of your talents on stardoll? 
I guess medolls and outfits 

How would you describe your style?
It's different, mainly just black

What inspires your style? 
My medoll most of the time and my mood

What is your favourite brand on stardoll? 
DKNY but bisou is also pretty nice

What are some must-haves in starplaza at the moment? 
I think some nice tights/stockings and a good black skirt :)
Any fashion tips? 
Keep it simple and unique
Have you won any awards? 
I have won national covergirl and 2 highscores in the maths game

Thank you Abbey (lollymollygoo) for answering these questions. It's a great way to give the Belle Stardoll readers an inside look on the owner of the blog.
Click here to visit Abbey.
Check out some of Abbey's creative sceneries. Wow :)

Do you want to be featured in the August Interview? Sign your stardoll username and any stardoll talents you have in the comments below.
xx Kayla


  1. Interview with the owner of the blog? Really? Wow.

  2. Awesome idea!

  3. Amazingmegraceh!:)7/14/11, 7:11 PM

    Again with these anon. comments! Why can't you just reveal yourself and be a MAN!!! U anons. are acting likes such cowards.