July 1, 2011

MY NEW GRAPHIC & Gaming, Music and RL to you.

Minecraft creeper and my new graphic!

My job here is to present all the latest Games, Music and BIG things happening across the world! Connecting Stardoll to Reality.
First off I'm going to have a little talk about GAMES and if there good or not.
First game of the week is : Minecraft.
Minecraft is only one of the fastest growing online and offline game in Australia and world wide but it still in the Beta testing stage. The game was created by the minecraftian lord Notch AKA Markus Persson.
I is a game consisting of Maps and Landscapes all made of one shape, SQUARES!
You can make skins and texture packs on lot's of websites and theirs always a new custom map to be completed!
It costs €14.95 (~$21/~£13) which is extremely cheap and if you get it in the Beta testing stage you get the full game free! 
I hope you liked the Game part of my job and tomorrow I'll give you Music and Reality!
Thanks for reading every Friday - Sunday!


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