July 21, 2011


Hey Ladies,

This post is all on safety.

Being safe and secure is very important in life.

If you are not safe, you can be in danger and so can the people around you.

Lets say, you are talking to someone on stardoll and they ask you where you live. On this girls page it says she is 13 years old. How do you know she is actually that age? You don't. This young girl could be someone dangerous and could be a lot older then you think.

I am not saying that everyone you talk to is gonna be in the 30's but it is better safe then sorry. Another example is if you are doing something reckless and dangerous (like an impossible stunt). If you are at risk of falling and badly hurting yourself, then it is not safe.

Please do not start to think that everything you say in putting your privacy at risk, because saying "Hi", "How you going" or "Whats up" is not really saying much.

Be Safe, be strong and be sharp!

Chocolateecidna xx