July 5, 2011


Hey Cuties,
I was sitting at my sisters friends house and her friend wanted to do something rude to another girl in her class. She asked me wether or not she should do what she planned. All I said was "Treat other the way you want to be treated" and then she said "Your right, if someone did that to me I would be very upset". I thought that what she did was very mature and that she made the right decision. 
Lately I have noticed a lot of nasty things being said on stardoll and it is really starting to upset people. The way some people treat others is appalling and it makes me wonder why some people bother being nice when all they get are mean comments. 
If you ask me I think that maybe people could start doing things to help others like standing up for people (Not starting a fight), saying “Stop putting me down” if someone is mean to you or just Saying Sorry if you hurt someone!
Saying sorry is a great thing to do because not only does it make the other person feel better, it lifts the guilt away for you to. Personally, I think that saying sorry if the best thing you could ever say in your life apart from things like “I wanna marry you” or “Vote Chocolateecidna CG” Just kidding! 
If you are to scared to say sorry practice in front of a mirror or say to your Mum and Dad and tell them to give you feedback on wether or not it is a proper, sincere “Sorry”. 
Please take this into consideration!
Chocolateecidna xox  
PS I was just crying because I watch with movie the Last Song with Miley Cyrus! It is so sad but also very happy in some bits. I cried most of the way though even though I never cry in movies! It was so good to watch that I watched it 2 times in a row (Cried again) that day and once the next day (Tried not to cry because I was watching it with my sister!).

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