July 19, 2011

Taking a break for 3 weeks; Hotbuys Dress

Hello. Just here to inform you that I'll take a break from Stardoll and Belle for a few weeks. I'll leave my cousin to Stardoll and I'll just take a break on the blog for a while. Since last Friday, I'm having headaches and I can't concentrate in my schoolwork. I am starting to fail in my exams. I talk like a chap right now, as my tongue has lumps. I need to take a break, and it is necessary for a school student like me. I'm going to focus on my exams and do it right. I just have 2 hours on my computer. I'm doing an exam in Australia and it's going to be great. The trial was just held a few weeks ago, and as I passed, I made my way for the Maths one. Last week, my computer broke down, and I don't think my computer is alright now. So, I can't blog too much. I'll be back in August, when my holiday comes. Bye! I'll miss Belle a lot! But I think I still have time to post for Hotbuys, but not updates or glitches. I'll not post RL versions, just the price.

Price: 25 sd (SO high :S)


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