July 1, 2011

This is a new graphic of mine, I'm quite proud, I think it's my best one yet. I used lollymollygoo as the model because her doll is amazing and it takes a while to find the perfect model. I'm thinking of making my own graphic blog, and maybe even a Stardoll magazine? But yep, everthing in this graphic is made by me (but the hair and face are from Stardoll). I based the post on one from a supre add, and I think it turned out well :) What do you think of it? Also, as I said, I would be happy to make a graphic for you, for free to :D


  1. I'm sorry, but your graphics stink.

  2. @Anonymous
    Lol. I think they are good, plus, I'de like to see you make a better one.. And if you are going to be rude and say things like that, maybe you could say them anon?
    Thanks :)

  3. I like it thankyou for using my medoll and thankyou so much for posting heaps

  4. Wow! I LOVE IT!! :)
    Can u plz do one for me?
    My stardoll is Miki1811

  5. I like it :] What did you use? I'll give 8.5/10 because you have to do more with the smudging :] Keep up the good work!