August 21, 2011

Hello, I'm a new writer!

Hi everyone!

You should know that i'm a new writer on my favourite blog! SO here is what you should know!:

I'm snowcrystal104 on Stardoll, so remember that I don't accept blank requests, and I love getting messages from friends!

❤ My name is Corrina
❤ I'm 14 years old
❤ I'm from Melbourne, Australia
❤ My birthday is the 28th of January
❤ I have a sister called Arabella
❤ I have a brother called Christian
❤ I have dog called Toby, he'll be 1 year old on the 26th of August
❤ I love: Texting, my phone, my computer, my iPod, music, Stardoll, Taylor Swift, Friends & Family, my life, this blog, my blog, Sunny Days, pools, parties, traveling, black nail-polish, wii.
❤ I am adoring Taylor Swift, I'm going to her concert, she's my role model, I idolise her!
❤ I don't like: Hackers, scammers, spammers, tracers, Miley Cyrus, Justin Timberlake, Pumpkin, Tomatoes, Ham, Bacon, haters, rain, dark days.

I guess that covers me! Oh, I have blonde hair, hazel eyes, NO freckles.

So I hope we can be friends! You should know that right now i'm into:

❥ Playing my wii
❥ Riding my skateboard
❥ Just Dance, 1&2, soon getting number 3!
❥ My friends
❥ Taylor Swift

Going outside and making videos are my thing right now! You should ask me if you want to see one!

Xxxx Corrina xxxX