August 23, 2011

Snap Shot - aileen1996

This week's Snap Shot is from aileen1996

The outfit includes:

  • Elle Scalloped Punch Blazer 39 sd (price varies)
  • Young Hollywood Jamie at YHParty Romper 65 sd
  • Liu. Jo Shine Black Purse 49 sc
  • Pretty in Pink Hot Buys Bow Platforms 12 sd
  • Miss Sixty MS Necklace 12 sd
  • LE Pink Flower Wreath 35 sd
Click here to visit aileen1996. She recently came 2nd place for Covergirl!

Stay tuned for next week's Snap Shot outfit. It could be from you!
Kayla xx

P.S: If someone could make a banner for the segment that would be great! Just post a link to it in the comments :)


  1. This is just like "Captured" from USD -.-

  2. Fashiongoddess8/23/11, 9:56 PM

    actually it's not like that at all! Like every blog does that kinda stuff so that's not true. Captured shows the me dolls talents and stuff lie that while this ne is just outfits shown

  3. @Fashiongoddess
    No, this actually IS like "Captured". You probably meant "Show US your talent", that's wheer they show your talent, but at "Captured" they show the outfit and say the items and this is just like how USD does it!

  4. Very nice, she obvs knows what the style is, great well done x how do you become the snapshot of the week?

  5. U can post ur stardollusername below