August 13, 2011

Tell Someone

Hey Guys,

This post is on how you should Tell Someone is you have a problem.

Bullying is the main issue. Wether it is cyber, verbal or physical.

Lets say this one girl was getting verbally bullied buy another girl. The problem would be fixed much faster if the girl told some like her parents (legal guardian), teacher, older sister or bother, close friends or anyone she trusts.

The bulling can get out of control if you keep it to yourself. If someone asks "Whats Wrong?" don't just say, "Nothing, I'm fine" because well, you're not. Keeping it to yourself can also make you feel sad and angry and can lead to depression.

Another good way to tell someone is to see a therapist. I know it may sound scary but it really does help. The can help solve your problems and help you to get back on track.
You could also go see the School Counsellor if that makes you feel better. It is also a great way to sort out friendship issues.

Also, I am doing this thing were if you have a problem (friends, family, school) you can email me a and I will help you solve it. There is also a privacy policy were whatever is in those emails, only we know about.


Katie x


  1. Thanks for telling. I have been bullied recently. I hope it will work.

  2. That's really good advice. I hope it helps people (:

  3. Thanks!

    Getting bullied is terrible, I know how you must feel.