August 8, 2011

Time For A New Team!

Since many of the recent writers have not been contributing, they have been booted off the team. WHICH MEANS we are now looking for more writers!
There are only a few rules and they are :
- No really bad language.
- You MUST post everyday with an exception to some writers. (eg, HB's writer, LE/Antidote writer)
- Do not insult other workers and/or followers.

If you do not comply with these rules you'll be noted for deduction unless explanation is available.
 Fill Out This Form To Be A Worker:
Stardoll user :
Nickname/name :
Your area that you are applying for :
Your Experience :

And If You Would Like To Be A Sponser! :
Stardoll user : 
Blog name :
Blog Link :

And remember! if you need to find something, there's always our sponser blogs that we can ask!



  1. Stardoll User- i-l-o-v-e-f-u-n
    Area of aplication- Hotbuys
    My Experiance- I have written stories and for blogs through the past. Also i used to write for my school blog, they do not currently hold the fourm up as the school website is being re-done and anyway i am moving schools.

  2. User: Mairead01
    Your area that you are applying for :Anything
    Your Experience :I worked for 5 blogs before

  3. @Mairead01 and those blogs are? and if you can't even be bothered writing what you want to apply for, that would not do good for our blog.

  4. Stardoll user : emilysmith15
    Nickname/name : emii...♥
    Your area that you are applying for : LE writer or Hotbuy writer
    Your Experience : I dont have much but i have a tumblr account and have worked on my friends blogs..

  5. Baileey/missyb998/8/11, 8:38 PM

    Stardoll user : missyb99
    Nickname/name : Bailey
    Your area that you are applying for : Hotbuys / rares.
    Your Experience : I've worked for 3 blogs before, i have a tumblr and i've worked on many fanfics on tumblr, meaning i know what i'm doing.


  7. Stardoll User: Smiley.face.19
    Nickname/Name: Veronica♥
    Your area that you are applying for : Free Stuff
    Your Experience : I had my own "Free Stuff" blog, but i had no visitors, and it was only me so I stooped and I have been looking for "work" you can check it out @
    just btw i haven't posted in a while. ;p

  8. Stardoll user :MissDiamondX
    Nickname/name : Rose
    Your area that you are applying for : Anything!
    Your Experience: i have worked for my school blog and 6 other blogs,and was voted the Blogger Of The Year award by my classmates at school. I know the Stardoll like the back of my hand for crying out loud!!

  9. I have an issue.

    As the advice writer I thought it would be better if I just posted once a week as like a weekly advice column thing.

    Even if you did still want me to post daily, it could't as I have other commitments I have to fulfil.



  10. Stardoll user : yoyolo1
    Nickname/name : Hazel
    Your area that you are applying for : Free stuff
    Your Experience : I don't have lots, but i am a hard worker and i have alot of spare time on the computer.

  11. who has the LE/Antidote position? Is interviewer available?

  12. Interviewer is available but I am not sure if we need one but I'll discuss with Rave.

    The jobs that I am aware of that are free are, free iteams, spoilers, New iteams and probably some other things but you'll have to discuss with me or Rave

    The Jobs taken are Makeup, hotbuys, LE e.t.c, and Advice that I am aware of

    Me and Rave (miss_loved_rebo) will be picking the writers we have chosen hopefully sometime this week, we will Gb you if you have been selected for the job

  13. Okay! *shivers because i am so nervous and excited* :)
    OH AND! I forgot to mention the i do have a blog! It's extremely new and it doesn't have many visitors!

  14. Stardoll user : ladyklarazoe
    Nickname/name : Zoe
    Your area that you are applying for : Anything really! Happy to do new items :)
    Your Experience : I have a blog, but its shut down, and a tumblr:

    Please consider me!