September 3, 2011

 Hello Everybody. It's Corrina here today. Today I'm going to post the second MSW guide. First, I'd like to make a shout-out to Leanne, or chai_bbs! She's such a nice girl!

Step 1: If you want the whole world on Stardoll to vote you MSW, then click HERE to do it! It's a site called Wallwisher! Anybody can post sticky notes on your wall, but the creator had to create a topic to note about. First, create a wall. Then, for your topic, you need to choose something. Type it of course. So, in the description, write "Post if you voted me MSW, i'll vote you back" and then copy and paste the link onto your presentation. 

Step 2: Do you have a blog, YouTube, Twitter or Facebook account? Do you want to be the next MSW? Promote yourself! Click HERE to create a banner. Follow the instructions to create it, and then you can get the JAVA code or just copy it into your desktop. Post the picture on your Blog, Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, or WittyProfiles! Wanna do it to YouTube? There's a lot of ways. But the easiest is if you have a iPod touch, iPad, or iPhone. Send the banner to yourself, then open it on you iDevice, and save it, then press the share button and click upload to YouTube. 

Step 3: Create a video for YouTube. Just make a slide of things saying you want to be voted and stuff. Or, if you don't have a YT account, just go post other guestbooks!

I create awesome videos for YouTube, and I'm on Twitter. On both, i'm 123cizzy456. If you would like me to create a video for you then I certainly can! I'm currently opening a sale for them! I may charge 5 stardollars or 20 starcoins for them because I use a special editor, cuz I have an Apple/MacBookPro. It's easy for me, but you know, I'm taking out my MSW time for you ;]. If you want to get rid of some clothes, could you please Guestbook me? If your selling them for under 3 stardollars or 5 starcoins, cuz I'm going for free, you know? I'd like to discover getting under the clothes. ;] 

Thanks Guys!!


  1. Kso Corrina, thanks for posting the tips ;] Can you please make a video for me? :3