September 1, 2011

A Guide to MSW!

Hey, it's your news writer Corrina here!

So guys people keep asking to vote them MSW, well, I am loving that! The more people say that they probably have voted you already! Or, just ask them to vote you back. Girls, this is my guide to getting your votes for MSW that you deserve!!

So everybody including Non-Superstars have been all trying to get voted. And all you need is this post!

Step 1: You need to have awesome rooms. Make sure your rooms are packed with entertainment, but really a lot of items. Make the room look something eye-grabbing, and that lets your doll stand out. See, if you don't have many things, then I'd get those Starcoins you're saving, and spend em' in the suite shop! See, starcoins are really bigger then stardollars now. And most stardollar things are for superstars or royalty, but even if you are a SS or Royalty, your spending you're starcoins on the right things. So save your stardollars and spend starcoins, because starcoins can get you more suite items.

Step 2: Make your doll look fashionable. You have to have an awesome outfit on for people to like it, so why not create your own style? You can go shopping and buy heaps, but what about designing things, too? Just create something you like. If not, then it's time to go to Starplaza! Shop for the things that make you look good, that are fashionable, and that really catch somebody's eye. Something glammy and something pretty!

Step 3: Make up and Hair. I know you can't find a good hair due, it's alright! I can't really either. But all you need to do is just remember the outfit you're wearing. Make the hair go good with your clothes. That's good. And Make-up, just use eyeliner, liquid eyeliner, black eyeshadow from dot, and both mascaras. Just use them and you should look like mine! And then jewellery. Just go shopping if you don't have much of them. Use headbands, earrings, extensions, and more that could suit you.

Step 4: Presentation. Your presentation should be good. It should have all of these features:
* Your name
* You're running for MSW
* Anytime somebody votes for you to put it in your guestbook so you can vote back
* A few small pictures
* Lots of colors or something like black.
* A good message or motto
* Capital Letters saying Thanks at the end.
* You appreciate the help
* Suggestions for your doll should be left as a guestbook comment.
* "Vote me MSW and CG if you think I deserve it!"

And then you can add what ever you like! If you know somebody who does presentations that you want, ask her to do it!

Step 5: Create a banner. Go to the MSW page and create the "promote yourself banner" and put it on your: blog, website, YouTube, Twitter/Facebook, and more. Then people will know it's you!

Step 6: Advertise a little. You should go to some Royalty or Superstars or Non-Superstars and ask them to vote you and vote them back. Here's an example: "Oh hello there, gorgeous doll! She's an absolute stunning doll, which is why I think you deserve the MSW and CG vote! I really don't mean to bother you, and I know you must get tons of these, but could you kindly vote me MSW because I voted you? It'd be so nice of you and i'd be really happy! Good Luck, and thankyou!" I always put a ❤ sign after the message, it means I voted them and they deserve it.

Thats it! That's all you need! So stay tuned for another guide from me, cuz there'll be another one for MSW and I know everybody likes them. Oh, and one last thing that should help: Change your medoll everyday, or every time you log in, because you don't want to be boring and the same, cuz then nobody will vote you! D: That'd be scary! ;] But I'll see you guys later!

xx Corrina! ❤❤❤ P.S leave your stardoll name in the comments so I can vote you!
On Stardoll i'm snowcrystal104

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  1. Wow you're good at these, Corrina! Thank you!