September 15, 2011

What to do on lazy holidays ;]

Hello! So I'm pretty bored ;P Yeah I got nothing to post about. Um yeah, this post is kinda lame ;P So, I made my mind and decided to post about what to do on lazy holidays!

Okay yeah so these are what to do:


Watch some TV or play some computer games. Eating breakfast in front of the TV is going to be fun ;D So, tuck in with your favorite cereal or something else. At late morning, call your friends or just chat with them.


You can tell your friends to come over, and plan something fun. For example you can plan some games, makeup parties or something else that you think it's fun.


Your friends are probably gone by evening, right? So, you can do anything personal in the evenings. Like, write in your diary (So nobody's peaking!) or just go to Youtube and watch your fave videos.


Okay yeah so, at night, your mom would probably nag about sleeping late. So you can do anything in your room, and pretend you're sleeping. You can play some phone games, or just use your laptop. You can even watch some TV if there's a TV in your room.

Um so, I think that's all :P
Comments? :]


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  1. this is such a good idea! i can't wait until the week is over because then i can do this for my holidays!