October 10, 2011

It's Official Then.

If you can't post, you don't deserve to work for the blog. you are all now deducted and kicked off the team.
Chai-bbs, you will still be on the team, i respect you have exams to attend to and stardoll can't take your life away from you.
Other members will be left as is, but if you get the deduction email, It's Your Own Fault.

On The Up Side, We're Looking for more writers!
Just fill out this form :

Stardoll user :
Job :
Experience [a MUST] :
Are you a follower? :

Fill out that and I'll contact you if i want you for the job, thanks.

~Rave - Co.


  1. Stardoll User: Chocolateecidna.
    Job: Anything but Hotbuys and spoilers/free items.
    Experience: I use to be the advice writer for this blog but I ran out of creative things to say. I have also written for several other blogs.
    Are you a follower: Yep :)

  2. XD i know, your still on the list. erm, what job do you want? free Items would be handy XD.

  3. Okay, I have no idea how to find free items so thats kinda a big issue. I have an idea about what I could do: I could write about 'The Shops'. What I mean by that is like when a new store, sale, new rage comes out I could write about it (comment, fave items and pricing). This could include LE aswell if you like.

    Kate x

  4. @Kate. No, but if you want to be the News writer and write about ALL news, you can.

  5. Okay fine, probably a stupid idea anyway.

    Um, what kinda of things would i write about.... like new shops, MSW winner, big comps.... ???

  6. I'm sorry. I've had practise exams over the past few weeks. My internet was banned so I couldn't communicate with you. I tried to, sorry. I don't think I can continue writing for Belle Stardoll because I have a lot of exams and assignments coming up. Sorry.

  7. Miki - It's alright. I respect that and stardoll can't take over your life ^-^. good luck in your exams!

    Kate - new clothes, shops and MSW. Comps I'm doing.

  8. Okay, when do I start?!