October 30, 2011

Medoll Of The Month!

Medoll Of The Month is back!
 How do you like the Banner? made it on Polyvore ;D.

So this fantastic and competitive competition is back and ready to go! Are you ready?
This months theme is Winter & Autumn.
Just make a costume in your Album, Suite OR scenery and fill out this aplication! [you must be a follower]

Stardoll Name : 
Costume Location : 
What Inspired me : 
Why we should pick you:

Fill out this and you'll be judged by Me [Rave♥] and other members of the writing team!
Get going before entires close!

Entires close 15th Nov.


Edit; there will also be a prise of 100sc for the winner of the contest if we get more then 50 entries


  1. Stardoll Name : candyflossfa
    Costume Location : on my doll
    What Inspired me : because it's halloween th dark colors of fallen angel.
    Why we should pick you: i am a dedicated member to stardoll and i think personaly that i deserve it !! :D

  2. Stardoll Name : Lululolliepop63

    Costume Location : On my doll.

    What Inspired me : The fall leaves glistening in the moonlight.

    Why we should pick you: Because I have a unique since of style that most people don't notice and I think it would be awesomely cool to have it shown here.

    Lol..... That was awkward. x____o
    Thanks for the oportunity!