November 2, 2011

DKNY outfit!

Hey Everyone,

today i have a great Outfit made on Stardoll using DKNY items. It is based on an Outfit a DKNY model is wearing on the catwalk i found on Google Images and I decided i'd post. Credit to lollymollygoo for actually having the items!
So, i'm know of the Pricelist, and they are Limited so, you won't find them in any store but of course you can try and ask people to sell them through the Bazaar.
I really like the Skirt, it's knitted i think and i really like how the colours are fitted. The Green and grey tones look great and the Brown gives it a nice touch! And also, if you add a few good looking accesorys then it'll look even better! What do you think?

I hope you enjoy it, you may aswell suggest an outfit in a comment below or if you have any questions contact either lollymollygoo or myself Rosliee.Cullen.

Please also Note: The Stockings in this Photo are not DKNY.. they are from VOILE and are in store at any time.

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