December 11, 2011

Summer & Winter Fashion

I decided to have a look at the seasonal fashion! As in some parts of the world it is summer and winter, that is the seasons I chose.

Summer Fashion Tips- Now in these photos I have only showed dresses and no accessories but it is always key to accessorize. I suggest some sunglasses, bangles and necklaces to go with these dresses and  of course the gorgeous shoes (high heels and flats)! Also, summer is the season for cute headbands so try to include them in your outfits! Make sure they all match though!! For example-

Winter Fashion Tips- Now winter is a chilly season. So it is time to grab your finest coats and scarfs! In the photo you will see some gorgeous coats! These are practically the Winter must! But be sure not to get confused with Autumn (fall) coats. Winter coats will look more big and warm whilst Autumn (fall) will look a bit more thin and shorter. Tights/stockings are a must in winter! We must remember to keep warm while look stylish. Boots are the official shoes of Winter (other then uggs :P) so I suggest some ankle length black boots to go with your outfit. For example- 

Remember to keep your doll stylish this season!

xox Georgia


  1. Awesome. :)


  2. Nice summer outfit ;] Its pinkmissdiva