December 15, 2011

Winner ♥

Hey The other week I made a competition and here are the winners!

In 3rd Place is........
nins353! Who will be receiving 15sds!

In 2nd Place is........
Chocolateecidna! who will receive 20sds!

and in 1st place is......

 georgiepop80! She will receive 25sds!!!!

Thank-you to all that have entered!
The winner please see me for you prizes before the next 3 days!

XOXO ♥ Qeeny4


  1. Wow thanks, add me if you want! Thanks so much for the prize!

  2. cool ^^

    can I ask something? I was in the "hacker/scammer" page of the blog and I want to know: the nicknames written in black are the deleted ones or what? Also I have one scammer to you put in the list: tatkaa. I'm tired of reporting her, nothing was made yet. -_-'

  3. Wow Yay ! Thanks hehee xox

  4. btws I'd love if you could do more things like this (: they're very fun haha xo