January 7, 2012

and idea..wanna be apart?

i was thinking of making a tv station..i have no idea whats its called, but..you guys like the idea?
post below and off you like, you have your own tv show that YOU run! post below whats your thoughts, i'll make a pilot (a video to see if you guys like it) and you can choose! :)
comment below..
yes or no?
belle x


  1. When you say TV show, do you mean like using medolls or does it have nothing to do with stardoll? If it was related to stardoll you could do like tutorials, things on special doll.... ect :)

  2. @Kate, yeah star doll it an be reality or could be a show like better homes and gardens (like a tips show) or even a show like americas next top model! :)
    send me an entry, please don't send me pictures of yourself and stuff because i don't want that.
    if yo need better help ill be sending out another newsletter! :)

  3. Okay, sounds cool! I wouldn't send pics anyway... it is the internet! LOL :D

    Sorry, but whats the entry for? What does it include?

    Thanks, Kate xo

  4. Hey, you know how you said tat stuff on Abby-stardoll saying you wanna rite? We could make this like a special part of Abby-stardoll if you want? Because I think that sounds awesome haha xx