April 16, 2012

Design Drama Picks: Etana

I'm not sure if anybody's done this post but, this post is on Etana.

Etana is a Royalty member of Stardoll. This and last year, Etana has been known and wildly popular for her designs. She makes so many amazing designs that you could name anything, and she'll make it. There is costs her designs, all reasonable, but they're so amazing you don't care about the price as long as you have them. Do you like One Direction? Are you a Belieber? She'll make them!

Though I don't think Etana is focusing on her interior and fashion designs, the popular medoll has started to create Wigs! Who doesn't love wigs? There will be a tutorial from me on how to make wigs! 

Check out Etana!

xx Corrina

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