April 19, 2012

Fuzzy Leopard Print Hat!

Have you guys seen the Fuzzy Leopard Print Hat (82SC from Evil Panda)? Thought so!
Well, some people happened to spot Jessie J wearing the actual hat! Cool right?
Here's my doll, and Jessie, wearing the hat: 
Similar, right? Can you see the detail of the paws on Jessie's hat?:)




  1. Its called a spirit hood, I have one in real life.

  2. what is your stardoll name?ive been looking for people to sell that hat to me. my username is alexislovesyoo. add me if you sell.

  3. omg how do get that :o im looking for it evreyehre -__-

  4. Go to bazaar and search evil panda OR brown colour for sc.If you're lucky,you'll find it cheap.I got mine for 50 sc =]