April 19, 2012

I'm a new blogger!

                                   Hi guys:D
My name is Holly and I'm a new blogger! My actual username on Stardoll is stacey4041.
Erm.. I joined Stardoll in 2011..
Well I'll be making posts about fashion. I'll do things like comparing items on stardoll to clothes that are similar to things celebrities wear, making posts about gorgeous dolls and etc.
I hope you enjoy reading my posts:)


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  1. hi(: my name is giovanna, and im a new blogger! i blog about stardoll too :p follow me at justinbgirl13 if you want :} i had a question, can u help me get for followers? i feel like im talking to myself on my blog lol, because i have 0 followers! D: thank you, please comment backk i need help! :}