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Medoll in beauty parlour: *Please upload pictures on either or tinypic this way its just easier for me to view your doll this way, thank you.

I will try and check these regularly I'll get back to you via your guestbook if you've been added to the models page


  1. By the way ignore my Name that I posted from Its a fake account name lol Hannah is my real name

    User: Marang14
    Name: Hannah
    Why you're interested: I am interested as being a model because I love modelling in real life but im fat so I cant really do it. I usually do it in my bedroom in front of the mirror with the door shut so nobody can see me. Yeah ahah

  2. User: binniethemint
    Name: Lucinda
    Why you're interested: I am interested in modelling for DEUX GRAPHICS because I am a model in real life, I am in love with this blog and it would mean a lot!
    Medoll in beauty parlour:

  3. User: elvis--
    Name: Essania
    Why you're interested: I love graphic I also make some and i found it hard to look for models.
    And it's also a great blog so i would be very happy

    Medoll in beauty parlour:

  4. User : Misscilla
    Why you're interested interested because your graphics are absolutely stunning and i am proud of your work and i would like to be part of your blog :)

  5. User: sunnydancersilk
    Name: Kiki

    I am interested because your work is amazing and I love your ideas!!!

    Sorry, I don't have tinypic or anything. go here: it's my album. post in my gb if i get the job ;) Thx i <3 u!